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Diagnosing patients with care.

DiagKnowstics expertise in personalized and predictive medicine and clinical diagnostics.

Major fields for interest are :

  • - Oncology and biomarkers
  • - Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for biological Drugs, Immunotherapies and Drugs of Abuse.
  • - GUT Microbiome applications
  • - HLA Typing and transplantations chimerism and monitoring.
  • - New Gastro technologies

  • Our team is experienced in bench-to-bed approach including product design and development, clinical study management, market education, pre-commercialization and sales in Israel.
    Using Diagknowstics extensive knowledge, network, and expertise, we can help commercialize your product effectively and efficiently that creates short-term revenue and long-term sustainability.

    Clinical diagnostics validation :
    We find the most appropriate advisors and potential academic partners, along with facilitating the validation process to ensure that the PI’s and the clinical laboratories are active and engaged.

    Launch Preparation :
    Diagknowstics ensure that the correct pre-launch activities prepare the market for the introduction of your new product and to make it as easy as possible for customers to use the product, by mapping out all the relevant customers and conducting in-depth market segmentation, generate public interest through digital marketing platforms, engagement with medical leaders to ensure your product is used by key customers with early feedback before the full commercial launch to the market.

    We organize educational events, Webinars with KOL’s to endorse your product and increase market share. We can support any or all elements required for a successful launch in Israel.

    At DiagKnowsticts we diagnose patients with care.